Align Your Organization

The app for Slack automates communication and visualizes information flows within a company. Eminate saves managers 5+ hours per week and ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time. saves managers 5+ hours per week.

As your organization has grown you spend an increasing amount of time communicating with your team. This communication overhead pulls your focus away from the primary task of delivering shipping software. provides a solution to reduce the amount of time you spend on routine communication while ensuring that everyone on your team is informed and aligned.
Automate followup

Eminate will follow-up automatically to ensure your team is informed and aligned.

Route messages

Send messages based on org structure, to arbitrary teams in a matrix structure, or to individual users.

Aggregate replies

Keep track of who has responded to each message while saving time and using less effort.

Analytics & Reports

Visual information flows to see who is informed and aligned.

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